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No time or knowledge to do technical analysis for your trades? Then use our Signals Only service. As full-time traders we do the necessary analyzes to be able to trade successfully and you trade with our profitable trades. A signal describes exactly how the trade is planned:

  • Which Exchange
  • Which tradingspair
  • The size of stake in% of the portfolio (amount)
  • De hefboom (leverage : Bitmex/Bybit)
  • The different entry levels incl% of your bet (entries)
  • The different exit levels incl% of your bet (targets)
  • The stoploss


These signals are shared via Telegram and (if desired, is a tool but not necessary) supported by the Cornix Trading Bot: this executes the trade on the linked Exchange with one click (Binance, Bitmex and / or Bybit).

Margin Traders NL, the # 1 Cryptocurrency Signal Provider in the Netherlands!


We, as Margin Traders NL, are trading Cryptocurrencies full time. The team is ready to help and support you on a daily basis. From beginners to advanced traders. Join our Trading Room now and trade along with our professionals. Discover our strategies, insights and learn how to grow your wealth. Hundreds of people have gone before you. Welcome!

Every day that you are not a member you will miss exclusive tradesignals, basic reports and much more!

Margin Traders NL, the # 1 Cryptocurrency Signal Provider in the Netherlands!
After payment you will be contacted as soon as possible to add you to our trading group. If you still have questions in advance, please contact us via the chat window.
Cornix Trading Bot

A Cryptocurrency advanced trading bot



  • Marvin
    MarvinSuper good team this, who I have been following for 3 years. The signals are 'spot on', with an excellent risk reward ratio. Margin traders reacts adequately to questions and to the market. As far as I am concerned Margin traders belongs to the TOP of singal providers.
  • Robby
    RobbyNice proactive trading group with good signals. It is choosing and dividing well which signals you follow, because in a bull market they offer many options ?? Very satisfied with my subscription.
  • Ronny Silooy
    Ronny SilooyThoughtful trades Spamming you with signals is one way of working. But how do you know which signal is really good? At Margintraders they do things differently and give signals that are really worthwhile and where time and energy has been invested. The descriptions of the signals are very clear and they do not lose sight of any of them. If something needs to be changed halfway through, they will let you know. Highly recommended!
  • Serge
    SergeAt first, I was skeptical about this signal trading group. And in addition, would the link with Cornix work well. But I am pleasantly surprised. Good signals and perfect cooperation with Cornix. Recommended
  • Eric Blythe
    Eric BlytheContinue Margin Traders I've been working at Margin Traders for a couple of months now and these guys really know what they're doing! I was a bit skeptical about joining because I have lost a lot of money due to bad advice and bad signals in the past with other groups, but with Margin Traders my capital is only getting better and better and they are not afraid to be honest. me that I really like. Not every transaction wins big, but in general I am very happy with the service and signals. Go on Margin Traders, I can't wait to see what you will do in the future doen????
  • Jenny Oppermans
    Jenny OppermansProfessionalism and good service I have been using the Margin Traders signals for 6 months and I am impressed by the professionalism and good service that Margin Traders offers. Signals are shared with a short TA rationale, which is very helpful. I've seen and made enough profitable trades to recommend Margin Traders. Be aware that not every trade wins - there is no trader on Earth that always makes 100% winning trades. And don't expect to become a millionaire anytime soon. It is a marathon and not a sprint, and the Margin Traders team regularly coaches on this: protect your funds and allow your portfolio to grow stably. Good luck everyone and thank you Margin Traders!
  • Mirk
    MirkI've been a member of the Margin Traders Binance signalsgroup for 3 months now. I am very satisfied with the signals provided. Margin Traders really chooses quality trades without unnecessary risk. Very happy with my portfolio growth.
  • Michel de Vries
    Michel de Vries


    I have been a member for the 2nd year and I am very satisfied. Not only about the trades they put forward, but also about the help that is offered. I am struggling to really make a profit but I am well guided to realize this more. We have now made a plan together. You will be listened to well and it will all be explained very well, also by means of examples. In short, I am very satisfied

  • Shenmen
    Excellent results! Excellent results and very good service. You are really well helped with the configuration of your trades.
  • Pim Eindhoven
    Pim Eindhoven
    Great experts facilitate the community and with great results. I am really glad I joined. I learn a lot and also get a return. If you are interested in trading Cryptos, I would recommend Margintraders
  • Martijn


    - good advice - no cowboys who take too much risk - good guidance

  • Hakan

    Super team and always helpful with clear explanations!

  • Melvin Vermeulen
    Melvin VermeulenIn one word great team. You cannot make your crypto portfolio happy in any other way.
  • Michiel
    MichielVery active channel with good calls, backup if necessary and good advice. Sometimes also lesser calls but the balance is positive. You should also try for a few months, first time I ended in the negative, later I tried again and now get it I easily get my subscription out !!
  • Richard Haring
    Richard HaringFantastic team
  • Dave Kumpe
    Dave KumpeDefinitely recommended for a novice trader. Good calls, but also a lot of explanation so that you understand it even better and you can grow as a trader. The group is also not very large, so there is a lot of personal attention


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